A blog…finally!

I’ve been itching to blog for a while, but the whole idea of setting up the site is daunting. So, here sits a basic WordPress template. One day, it will be customized, but for now, I’m blogging.

I’ll be talking about food, art, food, music, food, Chicago, and a few recipes thrown in. With a list of food sensitivities about as long as my arm, I hope to post recipes here that cater to variety of dietary restrictions, not just my own. I love to eat and I love to eat well. If I feel restricted in my diet, then it’s game over. I just can’t do it! Meal time needs to be something to look forward to regardless of whether or not your list of ingredients had a few items knocked off of it.

A bit about my background – I grew up cooking. My mom and grandmother knew they could always put me to work in the kitchen and I’d be a happy camper. As an adult, I went to culinary school for a while and got the rest of my training on the job working under some of the best chefs in Nashville. I worked in nice hotels in banquets as well as their restaurants including a very high end steak house. I threw myself into the indulgent mentality of a chef. Yes, we worked ourselves to the bone and wore the scars with pride every time we added a new cut or burn to our list of battle wounds. The reward, though, was on our plates. The meats, the cheeses, the butter, the sugar, all the goodness. No sense in saying no to myself. I didn’t go into the business to go on a damn diet.

A few years down the road, I found myself working in tech support and still do. I never saw myself behind a desk, but here I sit. The constant, though, has been good food and not settling. Lunch may have been a grilled cheese, but it was on fresh ciabatta with gouda and muenster.

Then, the bottom fell out on my entire take on food. After testing, I found I can no longer have pork, beef, poultry, dairy, eggs, and cane sugar to name a few things. This wasn’t a minor tweak in my diet, this is a complete lifestyle change and not one I was at all excited about. I’m definitely one to take quality of life over the length of it, but that wasn’t the issue. My quality of life had deteriorated badly and to get any kind of life worth living out of my time here, I had to make some changes.

So here I am. I’m on an adventure. I’ll be sharing bits of what I learn along the way and recipes that make me feel like I’m not giving anything up when I eat them. After all, who wants to feel restricted by their diet?